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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Autopilot Traffic Machine

The Autopilot Traffic Machine

Step #1 : Create Information Product

Step #2 : Create Mini site

Step #3 : Create Affiliate Program via Clickbank

Step #4 : Develop Affiliate Sales Page with the following information:

>>Opt-in to Affiliate List (Put prospect affiliates on autoresponder sequence that ‘sells’ your Affiliate Program)

>>Why join my Affiliate Program?

>>How much will you get paid

>>How will you get paid

>>Ready-to-go promotional tools, inclusive of solo ads, endorsement ads, classifieds, articles, banners, keywords, PPC ads, etc.

>>Recommended Advertising Sources

Step #5 : Promote Affiliate program via short term traffic strategies like PPC, banners, ezine advertising and other paid advertising methods, or free advertising methods like Joint ventures and viral marketing – This is done to create critical mass for your affiliates.

Step #6 : Motivate affiliates via contests and updated tools. Affiliates want recognition, so leaderboards are cool as well.

Step #7 : Create feeder sites using Autopilot Traffic Machine software to create a mini-net that funnels free search engine traffic to join your affiliate program, and keep ‘selling’ your Affiliate Program.

Resources: Auto Traffic Buddy

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making Small Fortune with $7 Products

Making Small Fortune with $7 Products

The Internet has changed. Back in the day, the "rule of thumb" was you made high priced, high ticket, complex products.

The logic was simple - It's easier to get 10 people to buy a $197 product than to get 197 people to buy a $10 product.

Whoa, have times changed…

Myth - It's just as easy to create and sell a high ticket item as a low ticket item.

Fact - Low ticket products are easier to sell (you need about 750 words of copy) and take much less time to create.

Another huge benefit is buyer leads. On average, someone who buys something... even a tiny little $7 report... is worth to you about 10-15 times as much as someone who just signs up to get a free report.

Get it? You can get PAID to build a list. What's easier? Getting 1000 people to sign up for a free list? Or getting 75 people to buy a little $7 product? The second scenario is much easier.

So that's WHY you should do it. Now let's get into the HOW.

One Problem, One Solution

Here's something of value: having all the answers in one easy to reference report. It doesn't mean that information has to be groundbreaking, innovate, fresh, new or amazing.

If you create nothing more than a guide that has all the good stuff in it... organized in an easy to understand way... and that people can reference...

That's EASILY worth $7.

More to the point - it's easier for you to do research and create a little product. Without any experts either…

Here's how it's done.

Rule 1 - All $7 products must have a step by step system.

Rule 2 - All $7 products must focus on one very specific problem... with ONE solution. Let's take some examples. is one of the most popular Internet marketing forums on the net.

Here's how this would apply to little $7 products. Let's visit the main forum and see if we can find one specific problem. Immediately one thing pops out... "What ’s the quickest way to generate traffic?"

There are 58 replies in that one THREAD as of the time of this writing. Hmmm... Getting any ideas yet? Couldn't you create a little $7 report with “The 3 Quickest Ways to Get Traffic"? Or even better... "The Three Quickest FREE Ways to Get Traffic." Whatever.

You get the idea. What about research? Well start in THAT thread. Also do a search in that forum for past archives about how to generate traffic. Make some notes. Create a step by step outline.

It doesn't matter so much if you personally have gotten results with these methods. It's just that it's going to be a step by step plan that makes sense because of what your research has told you. In this case you can make three such plans to give them a few options. That is worth $7 to have. Easily.

These little $7 reports should be no longer than 10 pages or so. So you can get right to the point. Jump right into it. Come right out with the step by step. And that's it.

More Ideas

There are posts that pop up all the time on Warrior forum for WordPress stuff.

So here's what you do. You do a "search" in the forum for anything related to WordPress. And see what questions come up over and over and over again.

Then you create a report. Each short chapter is an answer to a major problem people keep asking over and over again. Pick 7 to 10 of these. Answer each one in a page or two. That's it. You're done.

Again, it's just a well researched report. But it has huge value because people are begging for the answers.

Here's another idea for a little $7 report - the topic is Ezine Articles.

This is a hot topic because people know that Ezine Articles is the best place to submit articles for traffic. So you can create a little 10 page report that shows them the 5 best ways to exploit Ezine Articles for traffic and profit.

First you go on a little research excursion and make a list of all the stuff you can find related to Ezine Articles. Pick what seem to be the best tips, write up a 2 page step by step action plan for each tip... when you're done you have your $7 product.

And this is just one forum in one niche. Sheesh, the possibilities are endless!

Writing the Sales Copy

Here's what I love about little $7 products. It takes a very short sales letter to sell these products!

Let's take a look at this one by Jason Fladlien:

Pretty simple, isn't it? Less than 1000 words. Pretty much just describes the product, adds a couple of bonuses in, throws in a guarantee and asks for the order. This isn't rocket science, but it does work.

And the report in that sales letter took less than an hour to create.

The Hidden Money

One of the coolest ways to make money with these $7 reports is to give away 100% commissions. You can use a program like Rapid Action Profits to set it up so that an affiliate gets instantly paid into their PayPal account 100% of the $7 sale.

Why would you go and do that? Are you crazy? Only like a fox… See, affiliates love instant commissions, like Rapid Action Profits provides. Second, you have to mess with NO payouts yourself since it handles the payouts for you.

Third - they are building your buyers list for you. It's that simple.

On the backend, all you would have to do is promote affiliate products all day long and you will make a killing... because the quality of your list would be so high.

At the same time, you could always create more $7 products and sell them directly yourself to your list that affiliates have created for you. Fourth, what about an upsell?

You can give affiliates 100% commission on the front end, and keep 100% of the "one time offer" that you offer after someone buys your little $7 report. Get it? These are great little products that can easily be made viral.

And if you create enough of these (it's real easy to do one a week) in no time you'll have all these different income streams with all kinds of traffic coming to them and you literally just sit back and watch in amazement as you get paid to build your list. Then the sky is the limit from there…

Getting First 100 Subscribers and $100

Getting First 100 Subscribers and $100

Here's why most fail in Internet marketing - they have no clear goal to work toward. And, on top of that, they don't break things down so they are easy to accomplish.

Let's end that. Your goal is simple - 100 people on an email list, and your first $100 in profit generated through Internet marketing.

Why such a simple goal? Because this is where it all starts. If you figure out how to put 100 people on a list, then you can do the same thing to make it 200... 400... 800... 1600... or more. It's up to you.

Same thing with the cash. That's why this works, and why it's something you should focus on if you've been struggling to make any money online at all or build an email list.

In this report you're going to be shown a very simple, easy to execute plan to accomplish this.

Free Gifts

This is not rocket science. It's not especially creative at all. But by golly it works. To build an email list, you must give an incentive for people to sign up for your mailing list.

In other words - a bribe. The best bribe is a simple free report... much like the one you're reading right now.

Free reports are about the easiest thing in the world to create with the right approach. Let's talk about one such approach that anyone can use. They're called email interviews.

Here's how it works. You create a list of a half dozen questions or so around one central theme. For example, let's say we wanted to create a free report on "How to write sales letters that make you money!"

What would we do? We'd find as many people in that niche who sell stuff on how to write sales letters. Then we'd send them all the same basic list of questions. It might look like this:

1. Explain how you got your first success with writing a winning sales letter 

2. What is the biggest mistake people make when writing sales letters?
3. What is the most critical factor for creating a winning sales letter?

4. What is the biggest emerging trend you see for using sales letters in online marketing?

5. What is your formula for writing headlines for your sales letters?

6. Why is mastering writing sales letters so important to Internet marketing?

There you go. You simply email each of the people you found who are experts in writing sales letters and you ask them to write a few paragraphs for each answer, and send it back to you when they ’re done.

Also, let them know you will allow them to put in a one paragraph "call to action" at the end of the answers where they can promote their latest product as long as you can use your affiliate link for the promotion.

See what we did there? Killed two birds with one stone. You've created a free report that allows you to get emails... and the report is also MONETIZED so you can make affiliate commissions. Cha-ching!

Create Your "Email Capture" Page

Simplicity is your best bet here. Two reasons... it's easier for you to set it up and get going, and it often converts the best.

Let's show a few quick examples:

First look at this one -

It's a subhead, a main headline, a one sentence call to action and a form JUST asking for an email. That's it. Typically converts at 40 to 55% for good, targeted traffic. Took a couple minutes to create.

Let's look at another - It's a headline... subhead... one sentence call to action and a form JUST asking for an email. Again, simple… But damn does it convert well. And it took almost no time to create. So just take this model for your squeeze page and you're good to go. Nothing more to it!

Hit the Forums

There are lots of ways to get MASSIVE traffic... but they also require a lot of expertise to pull off. That's why most people who are starting out or who are not real good at marketing can't use them effectively.

Let's keep it simple!

The first way to get traffic is through forums. Specifically, we want to find forums where the people in those forums would be very interested in the subject of your free report. Also, these forums must allow you to have a "signature".

A signature is simply a little blurb that is automatically added to the end of each of your posts you make in that forum.

So sign up for that forum, and then log into your profile and create your signature. Make it two sentences, with a clickable link. That link leads to your squeeze page.

For our example above, it might be something as simple as: "free report reveals how to write sales letters like a pro in no time. Click here to get the free report..."

Then, just set up your "daily posting schedule". This might be a half hour to an hour a day where you go into the forum and create new posts that offer value, or respond to posts that others created where you offer your own commentary or value.

Don't be a spammer. Don't be blatant about your free report at all. Don't even mention it. Just contribute worthwhile commentary. A paragraph or two ought to do it. Your signature does the selling for you.

Ideally you want to do this with as many active forums as possible and very soon you will see sign-ups. Sometimes on the very day you started.

Write Articles

There is a huge shortcut you can use here. Think about it - you can chop up bits and pieces of each email interview you did - and turn them into articles. Then you can write additional articles if you wish.

Regardless, submit those articles to Ezine articles ( and Go articles (

Why articles? Because at the end of each article you're allowed a 2-3 sentence resource section, where you can promote your free report. These articles get searched and read, and you will get subscribers.

Some articles get thousands of views over their life span, resulting in hundreds of clicks, and sign-ups for you.

Comment on High Traffic Blogs

Find blogs in your niche that are ranked high in the search engines. This means they probably have good traffic.

Then you simply find posts and add in your own commentary... providing value first. Then at the end say something like "we talk about this in my free report more in depth at..." and put in your link.

Repeat the process.

There you go. You follow this very simple and basic plan... and just do it day in and day out... and you will be amazed at how easy it is to actually have success online.

And of course, nothing is stopping you from creating multiple free reports with this method. It's really up to you and how bad you want it.

Also, what's great is once you get that list going and sales coming in, it frees you up to innovate and try new traffic methods, experiment with new techniques, and learn new skills to enhance your business model.

Auto Traffic Buddy

Auto Traffic Buddy

Auto Traffic Buddy gets you a steady flow of backlinks. But, there is much more to it than that.

Auto Traffic Buddy is automated. BUT, it's not one of those hokey $37 "click-n-get-rich" software products you've seen promoted lately.

The "magic" behind Auto Traffic Buddy is leveraging and tapping into a growing network of sites. These "sites" are a very specific type of content-rich blogs that are highly optimized for maximum search engine placement. No. This is not your typical WordPress blog network that you've seen everybody and their brother launch over the past 3 years.

Auto Traffic Buddy is WAY different. It involves high-powered scripts and some automation. But, you don't really need to know anything about blogs at all to benefit from ATB.

Simply put. Auto Traffic Buddy gets more mileage out of your content by syndicating and promoting bread crumbs throughout dozens (potentially HUNDREDS) of other websites that are all owned by our current customers. Using ATB, you will get loads of backlinks to boost your search engine rankings.

It works great. Results can be seen in as little as 24 hours!

Of course, Auto Traffic Buddy includes all the training and step-by-step hand holding so that even newbies can hit the pavement running once they join ATB.

>>>>>>>>>>Visit Auto Traffic Buddy<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Super Hot Blockbuster Joint Venture

Super Hot Blockbuster Joint Venture

You’ve just finished a product. You set up an affiliate program for it (maybe something as simple as putting it on Clickbank or You wrote the sales letter for it. You're in a niche where joint ventures are commonplace. Now you just need traffic.

Joint venture traffic is by far the best. Unlike traditional paid traffic, you only pay a percentage of a SALE. So there is no risk on your part.

At the same time, if you set up a good joint venture, you can literally get thousands upon thousands of hits in a 24 hour period. There is no quicker, easier, risk free way to make money as fast as possible.

That's good and bad. The good is obvious... quick cash. The bad is everyone KNOWS how lucrative it is... so everyone is trying to score that blockbuster joint venture.

There is a lot of noise. A lot of competition. So if you want to score that joint venture, you need to do something different.

Persistence in a Fun, Engaging Way

The secret to joint ventures is in the follow up. Most people quit after one... MAYBE two emails they send to a potential joint venture partner. That's horrible. Their loss is your gain… They should have planned AT LEAST 7 follow ups. And they must be done in a way that is fun and engaging.

Here's why: most people who get joint venture proposals think of them as nuisances. They have to choose to respond to the email... or ignore it and feel bad for being mean. They have to read the email, consider it, and then reply.

It's a time waster to them in 9 out of 10 cases. No matter how good your product is... no matter how much money you pay... no matter what… The reason is that these joint venture partners already are successful and it's not the money that woos them, it's other factors.

So right away, you need to change the approach of your joint venture proposal, so you're not a pest or nuisance.

The easiest way is to engage this philosophy: no matter what, you at least need to bring a smile to their face. Here's a basic, "mock" example:

In this case, the offer is "if you mail for me, I'll mail you my kidney!" It's done in a fun and polite manner... it's unique and different than what they're used to getting... and even if they ignore it, you at least put a smile on their face.

By the way this worked for us once - we did a follow up to get a certain key joint venture partner, and they ignored our every request... until we sent them this one.

Repeat: It's the Follow Up

Here's what usually happens when you mail even these "engaging" joint venture proposals. They get lost in the shuffle. Meaning your JV partner might read it, and even feel inclined to engage in dialog... but put it off until later. Later usually is never.

They will often WANT to respond to you... tell themselves they will at least respond to you... but never get around to it.

That's okay. You didn't plan to get a yes on the very first point of contact anyway. You came prepared with a follow up plan.

Two days later you might send them something like this...

Again, this is an "example" where I used my good friend Marlon Sanders (a genius marketer in his own right) just to show you what it'd look like. See how it follows up on the previous attempt?

And how it's unique and engaging? And different than anything they're used to seeing. It begs them to at least respond, since you're taking the time to follow up in a new, different and fun way.

At the very least they ’ll see you're someone who "gets it" and can be potentially fun to work with.

If they respond - great. If they don't great. Because you have a backup plan. A few days later you might send something out like this:

This is a video of Jason crying because a joint venture partner didn't respond to his proposal. Again, it's done in fun and is engaging, different and interesting. The idea is... at the very least... you bring a smile to their face.

If they respond great. If not... then send them something else fun and engaging. Perhaps two days later you send them a picture of your cute little daughter acting like she's going to punch you.

Then you tell them your daughter has gone on a violent binge because she's so upset you won't send one measly email out for her daddy!

You might also write a poem... then read it to them on a video... asking them to respond by mailing for you... it could be something like this... An Ode to [JV Partner's Name]

Once upon a time on the world wide Internet I tried sending you an email, I asked you to accept I offered you my kidney, my liver and my spleen if you'd do one small favor, and send an email out for me And I offered you commissions, 75% to be exact and I'd even write the email for you, but you didn't respond back.

So now my daughter's crazy, she beats me every night what oh what can we do now, just to make this thing right? My product is a good match to your great subscriber list The only problem is that most of them don't know it exists

But we can fix that in a minute, and you can make good money to boot So please send out this mailing, and when it's done we'll split the loot... If you do stuff like this, you WILL get joint venture partners. The follow up alone will be tremendous. The fact that you do things different is great. They will remember you. They won't look at you as a nuisance or a pest.

Actually, you'll bring a smile to their face.

Plus, they can tell you care because you’ve taken the time to do things in a way above and beyond the norm. That will score you points... and score you joint ventures... and give you more traffic than you know what to do with!

The Secrets of Sales Letter

The Secrets of Sales Letter

Most people make writing sales letters way too complicated. And for good reason - that's how they're taught.

You probably got your instruction from someone who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes copywriting. So naturally, they're going to share with you every trick, tactic and method for enhancing your copywriting skills.

Most of those tricks work. But the problem is: if you have a thousand tricks you "know about", which ones do you use for each sales letter?

If you have too many options, it's too easy to not want to write the letter at all... or to take forever writing it... or the sales letter sucks because you tried to do too much with it.

In most cases, a simple straight to the point sales letter - especially for something you're selling for $47 or less - will be the best case. And it's also brain dead easy to write these. Here's how to do it.

Start With the Offer

The biggest reason most people write copy that doesn't convert is their readers leave the page before they even know what the offer is. That sucks!

So how do you remedy this? You open your sales letter right up with the fact you're selling them something, and why you think it's in their best interest to take a look at what you're offering, and consider purchasing it.

Let's do an example to illustrate this.

"If you're looking for an easy way to grow upside down tomatoes, then what I have to offer you today just might do the trick. I've painstakingly put together a guide that shows all the great tips on how to grow upside down tomatoes, and for a limited time I'm making it available to you for only $17.

I believe you'll find this to be worth much more than the tiny $17 you'll have to invest to get your hands on it. Why? Well here's what you'll discover when you sign up to get your report on how to grow upside down tomatoes..."

And then you simply describe every benefit they'll be privy to if they do decide to purchase your product.

There's nothing magical about that, is there? It is straight forward. You have something you think is a great deal. You let them know that. Then you show them why it is a great deal. No big story. No "problem, agitate, solve" methods. No fancy tricks to "hook the reader" in. Just a straight forward message that says - I have a great offer for you and here's why you should purchase it.

Communicating Your Benefits

So you opened your copy up with the straight forward approach we talked about above. Now it's time to describe your benefits. The best way to do this is with bullet points. And the easiest way to write bullet points is to collect good bullet points, then model your own bullet points after them.

What that means is spending an hour or so looking at sales letters that have really good bullet points, and then saving the best bullet points into a text file, so you can consult it any time you need ideas.

For example, in our bullet point swipe file we might see this:

What niches will almost never work for recruiting joint venture partners - and what to do instead...

So for our example we could create a bullet point that says...

What methods almost never work for growing big upside down tomatoes... and what to do instead to grow plump, delicious tomatoes almost every time... 

Again not rocket science. Just 15 to 20 bullet points about what you have.

Or, you could write a few paragraphs that explain the things they'll discover once they get their hands on your product. That's it.

Use the Golden Guarantee

After you communicate the benefits, now explain that it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Here's one that works really good that you can almost use word for word. We call this the golden guarantee and here it is...

Get your hands on this guide immediately. Open it up and read just the first 10 pages of the report. If after 10 minutes you don't already feel you've gotten more than your money's worth, I demand you contact me and I will promptly and quietly return every penny of your purchase... no questions asked.

Better yet - take a full 30 days to use this guide and benefit from it. If within those 30 days for any reason - or no reason at all - you are unsatisfied then let me know and I will return 100% of your investment that day.

You risk nothing and you stand to gain everything today. So act now and sign up! 

You can change just a few words and literally use this guarantee with almost anything you sell.

Optional - Throw In Bonuses

If you want to "take it to the next level" you can throw in additional bonuses if you wish. This is where you'd put it - right after the guarantee. A subhead that says "Act today and also get these 3 bonuses" works great.

Then you simply explain each bonus they get if they act immediately today.

The Close

At the end you simply just tell them to invest, and re-iterate in a paragraph or two everything they get and remind them of the money back guarantee. Then tell them how to sign up. It's that simple.

Will this produce the highest converting sales letters on the planet? Nope. But it will allow you to create "good enough" sales letters so you can get something out there and start making sales ASAP.

And good enough is good enough!